Friday, March 14, 2014

ASCP Old White End Tables and Basement Stairs Progress

We are nearing the end of our March Break week off school/work and I have a couple of projects in progress to share that I have worked on this week. 

Early in the week I visited The Painted Bench, an Oakville Ontario retailer of Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seed's paints. I already had ASCP in Old White and the Soft Wax, and this time I added ASCP in Provence and Miss Mustard Seed's antique wax. 

For the first project I decided to paint a pair of end tables. Nice solid pieces with a drawer but with a tired finish. Our youngest son Josh (my 15 year old garage sale buddy) and I found these for free last summer. I didn't use primer this time, just two coats of ASCP in Old White. I had read that Old White needed an extra coat or two so next time I will probably prime first (to save the more expensive paint.)

These are the finished pieces, above and below, waiting a while to cure, with two coats of ASCP, AS Soft Wax and then some light antiquing with the MMS antiquing wax.

Not the best lighting to show the dark wax, but I did keep it light and mostly in the crevices and detail areas. I'm going to visit the hardware store to look for pulls, but I may end up just reusing the originals. The end tables are a nice size for our living room but I will try and sell them first.

Also, we are continuing work on the upper section of our basement stairwell and stairs. I painted the door and trim with my usual Benjamin Moore Snowfall White and really like how fresh it looks. Our 17 year old (in two weeks) returned from a week at a relative'sdairy farm and today sanded down the railing, spray painted the railing supports and stripped the carpet off the stairs. Now I need to buy hardwood for the landing and replacement stair treads (the builder used cheap pine planks.)  

Kyle was getting his 'farm fix' since he had the week off, and another chance to visit with his first newly born Jersey calf. Kyle is the proud owner of the mother and this little girl was born the day of the photo. 

I really enjoyed the freedom of having a week off work and spending some time relaxing, working on a few projects and lots of time with family. It was especially nice since this winter has seemed incredibly snowy and long. With the extra 15 cm of snow we received mid week it will be awhile before all our snow melts. I can hardly wait! Are you enjoying Spring weather where you are, or does winter still have a strong hold?

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  1. That is a great looking table. Love the color you chose.

  2. Those end tables look great painted in white! Glad you have been able to get some home projects done during your week off. Our Spring break is the first week of April.

  3. we have a chance of snow sunday into monday AM ... so ready for spring. it is time. i am so over mr. winter. ( :

  4. Your end tables look great Elizabeth. Maybe you could spray paint the pulls for a different look. Nice picture of your son and the new calf. Yes, I am very ready for spring! We got 40 cm. of snow yesterday!

  5. Oh- that darned snow that keeps haunting all of us this year! How nice to have the time off to do a few things though. That is a great paint job and I love the white on the end tables. Glad your boy got his Farm Fix! xo Diana

  6. We just made a road trip yesterday to the closest ASCP distributor. I ought a quart of Old White an a sampler of Antibes Green. I wanted to paint today, but I played instead.

    I love the job you did on your projects.

  7. Love the lighter colour on the end tables- very pretty!! I also need a farm fix. I have a strong urge to build a chicken coop, but we live in the burbs!!

  8. Love the end table, they are just wonderful painted white! Great new looks! Aww, what a cute little calf!

  9. Love the table painted. I would so love to remove the carpet from our stairs, but am not sure what's underneath. We can't remember.

  10. Those tables turned out fantastic! Thanks for the info on the retailer in Oakville. Next time we are down that way I will have to stop in.

  11. Your tables look great! And the calf is adorable :)

  12. Tables look great .

    Nice to have built in help.


  13. How are you doing Elizabeth? I'm slow getting around to visiting my bloggy friends as you can see and have really slowed down in the frequency of posting.

    I love how you painted your side tables and would love to see how they look with the hardware back on and in place (if you didn't sell them, that is). We have the exact same tables in our living room that I got from a thrift store on two separate occasions. I have always debated how they would look painted, but couldn't picture it in our living room.

  14. Old White is my favorite and your tables turned out fabulous. I just found out that there is a new shop in my town that is now selling ASCP so I won't have to mail order anymore. Hope you are enjoying spring!


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